Stony (stoneaxe) wrote,

Daily Update #33

I haven't done one of these for a while, so I figured it was time.

- Regardless of some rumors to the contrary, I am still writing and still working on projects.  The other day, I spun out 2500 words on Princess of the North in just a few hours, and really without much trouble.  That just makes me want to work on it a little more.  I also wrote a 1400 words story on a mother waiting for some terrible news about her child and her mind goes into really dark places.  This has been a theme the last few years with me:  writing some really dark stuff involving parents and their children.  Guess it's just a phase.

- I still have Pilgrimage out with agents for query.  I have not given up - not even close - but so far, I have still have gotten nothing back but form rejections and non-responses.  I am going to give it a bit longer.

- This has been an up and down year for short story rejections.  On the one hand, with the major life events (house fire, leaving the military, etc.) I have still gotten 16 submissions out, with the first one not going out until 31 May.  So far, I haven't sold one.  This is a little disconcerting; since I started submitting my work way back in 2007, I was able to sell at least one piece a year, even if just for a pittance.  I might be breaking that trend this year.  Ouch.

- It is sometimes amazing just how much time one can spend in front of a computer.  I recently took a hiatus from a message board (unrelated to writing) that I frequented.  I suddenly have a lot more time on my hands, to do other things.  As I said, amazing.

- Have you been watching this season of The Walking Dead?  Just when I thought that show could not get any more grim, they found a way ....

Not a terrible much of an update.  I'll find something interesting to say next time.
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