Stony (stoneaxe) wrote,

Gimme some sugar, Baby

Though I've not gushed about it here, anyone who knows me in real life knows that I love the Evil Dead franchise of movies, culminating in Army of Darkness, which remains my single favorite movie of all time.  Yes, I know it's corny.  Yes, I know the dialogue and acting are terrible.  Yes, I am aware the production values were bad.  None of that means squat.  I am not talking about what I consider to be the best movie of all time, just my personal favorite.

So you can imagine my considerable delight when I read this headline on today:

Starz Reunites Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi for Ash vs. Evil Dead TV Series

It makes me want to run out in the yard, hoist a shotgun, and yell, "This is my BOOMSTICK!"

The show is set for a 10-episode production to start airing in 2015.  Color me excited.
Tags: bruce campbell, evil dead, tor, tv
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